Shubham Singhal founded Healthyshotz, a dry fruit brand, in 2019. This dream idea was realised in 2022 by founder Shubham Singhal and co-founder Virender Jain who is the expert wholesaler of Khari Baoli. We provide the best quality of selected roasted dry fruits, packaging, repackaging, labelling and different kind of dry fruits. We also have trial mixture, these are made in a hygienic mall factory.


We have made significant investments in mechanisation to produce enormous volumes at the high hygiene standards required for the constantly expanding industry. In order to guarantee the greatest possible manufacturing quality in our top-notch facilities, we have a diversified portfolio and a product-focused strategy. For those who value quality, it is the place to shop. By continually offering you the highest-quality items, we aim to earn your trust.


The team of experts which works with us makes sure that all our products meet the specific requirements of the clients in a timely & qualitative way. For ensuring high standards in our food products, best quality concern and customer focused approach has helped us to take a leading stand in the competitive market.