Toppings of Happiness

Produced straight from fresh farms under the gleaming sunlight, we land at your doorstep with the best of the best-dried fruits of all kinds. We have been working for your health for some good years now, arriving with a new concept we bring you some wrapped health for your loved ones. A graceful abundance mix of all nutrients like roasted almonds, cashews, pistachios, and more quality packages filled with the pure love of nature is just one click away. Serving since 2019 with luxurious taste and premium quality dry fruits, we welcome our new top-notch luscious basin full of amour. We envelop your bindle of nutrients with love, health, and authenticity. With a dedicated team, we work with healthy hands and ensure that our taste reaches you through our package.

From plucking out the best seeds to planting them to drying them up, we are trying to step up your health by pouring purity into our products. Our team devotes its efforts to ensuring you get what deserves you the best. We aim to provide you with a high-quality bowl of aroma enriched with love and health. With the increasing business in all fields, it becomes hard to focus on your health. We have diversity in our packages and, we help you choose the perfect bowl of love for you and your health. Staying healthy is like feeding the soul, and we help you get some pure taste filled with health and freshness.

The richness of the dry fruits and the quality of the spices has made us work effectively and efficiently to be one of the leading dry fruit brands. Pamper your loved ones with the token of happiness along with health packed with lots of scrumptious dry fruits your hands cannot stop at. To make your health our priority and help you ease your fitness goals as our responsibility, MAXX WELL NUTS LLP is the best nourishment your way. Choose from a variety of fresh dry fruits for your cravings, gift luxury health, and, at the same time, stay super fit by fulfilling your diet and desires.

Our Core Values

Healthy Shotz is one of the leading brands that bases its products and services on serving authenticity at its best while keeping in mind the demands and expectations of its clientele. Each and every employee who is employed by us adhere to their own set of ideals, which are reflected in the values that are followed by the company

Premium Quality

Our quality controllers ensure that all of our dry fruits are prepared and packaged in a sanitary manner that meets or exceeds global quality standards. Excellent nutritional value, rich flavor, freshness, and longer shelf life are just some of the reasons why these products are in such high demand.


We entirely believe in promoting health, while working hard to exceed everyone's expectations in order to become the most trusted by bringing you products that are both fresh and unaltered in their original form as you get to choose the highest quality products.

Promotes Health

Providing processed goods that are free of chemical additives. Driven by a desire to improve people's lives in every way possible. And at the same time, making absolutely no concessions in order to provide you with the highest quality commitment.


All our products are produced in a clean and safe industrial facility. Our skilled staff guarantees that each and every one of our items will be delivered on time and will be of the highest possible quality.